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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Our email marketing services allow you to create targeted and personalised messages to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers. Our designers, developers and copywriters will work with you to establish objectives and define the vision for your email campaign.

Every element of your email campaigns are customisable - we are able to reach large audiences or smaller targeted lists depending on your goals. We can facilitate everything from plain text emails to fully customisable HTML templates, whichever suits your requirements best.

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Email marketing is effective at every stage of your marketing process as it allows your customers to click links and follow your call-to-action straight away. As your marketing list will be made up of people who have chosen to receive communications from you, this should lead to a better conversion rate.

Email Marketing

The benefits of email marketing don’t end there:

Less intrusive

Give your product or service exposure all over the web

Environmentally friendly

As nothing is printed and physically sent, it is better for the environment 


Automation technology can allow you to schedule emails on certain days and times


It is easy for people to share email content to build your brand via word-of-mouth

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